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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ensure that I am a good mystery shopper?
Mystery shoppers are detail-oriented, thorough, observant and committed to deadlines. Good mystery shoppers look upon mystery shopping as an opportunity to help improve service levels rather than as a profitable job. They take personal satisfaction in watching service levels rise and in knowing that they played a key role in these improvements.

Our mystery shoppers are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and to be fair and honest in their evaluations. Good mystery shoppers are conscientious, reliable and objective. They approach each new assignment as if it were the first time they had ever heard of the establishment. They only accept assignments which they can complete on time, objectively, and without bias. A good mystery shopper knows the importance of following directions; he or she will read and follow each client’s evaluation criteria to the letter.

People who should not become mystery shoppers are individuals that think this is a "get rich quick scheme". The prime jobs are given to shoppers who have proven themselves dependable. Individuals with very little free time also do not make good mystery shoppers. We count on our mystery shoppers to meet deadlines and there is very little time to reschedule an incomplete or missed shop.

How do I get assignments?
Scheduled shops vary in frequency and number. Clients typically have their establishments shopped monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or on an "as-needed" basis. We rotate our shoppers, so shoppers don’t repetitively shop the same establishments.

Individual assignments depend on your geographic location and number of client locations we have in your area. If you do not hear from us for awhile, it may mean we do not have any projects in your area or we have other shoppers ahead of you who are waiting for assignments. We work with many clients, but we may not always have an immediate assignment in your area. You will hear from us by email when assignments become available in your area. Please do not contact us as this will lessen your chance of receiving work. If you haven’t heard from us for awhile, it just means that we do not currently have any shops needing to be done in your area.

How are shops scheduled?
You will be notified of open assignments by email. You should respond as quickly as possible as these assignments may be offered to several shoppers. Once you are assigned a shop, you will receive the assignment confirmation by email that contains details about the shop including payment, timeframe for completion, etc. Do not perform an assignment unless you receive this confirmation. If you are unsure whether you have been awarded an assignment, please verify with us by email prior to completing the shop. Some assignments are scheduled in advance while others may come up on a last-minute basis. You are never obligated to accept an assignment but, if you do, it is expected that you complete it on time and according to the guidelines.

Do shops have to be done at a specific time or on a specific day?
Our clients sometimes require that a shop be completed on specific days and at specific times. At the time the assignment is confirmed, this information will be provided. Completing assignments on time and during the days and hours assigned is very important. We have made a commitment to our clients to complete all their shops on time and according to specific guidelines – and we must keep our commitment.

What happens if I can’t complete the job after accepting it?
We expect an email BEFORE the scheduled shop dates so that we may schedule the shop with someone else. If you accept an assignment, do not complete it, and do not inform us by email before the scheduled shop date, your name may be removed from our database.

Do all shoppers need to have internet access and/or fax access?
Yes. All of our assignment offers and confirmations are e-mailed to the shopper. Completed reports are to be submitted online to us within 24 hours of the shop. Itemized receipts are to be scanned and emailed to us or faxed to us within 24 hours of the shop as well in order for the assignment to be considered complete. Shoppers will only receive payment for evaluations completed according to the guidelines and submitted along with the itemized receipt within 24 hours of the visit.

How much do you pay?
The compensation for mystery shopping varies by client. Most restaurant shops reimburse you for up to a certain amount that usually covers the cost of a meal for 2 people. Some shops also pay an additional shop fee while others pay a flat fee. It really depends. The payment in each situation is explained before you agree to do the shop.

When will I be reimbursed for my shop?
Payment is provided via Pay Pal around the 30th of each month for assignments completed in the previous month. We do not reimburse faxing or copying costs or mileage. You must have a Pay Pal account in order to receive payment. You can sign up for a free account by clicking on the following link:

You will not be paid for an incomplete shop or if we have to reschedule a shop assigned to you because your report was not received as required. If you have any questions regarding payment, please e-mail us at: mysteryshops@serviceimpressions.com

How can I contact Service Impressions?
The best way to reach us is via email at mysteryshops@serviceimpressions.com. You will receive a more timely reply. We will then call you if something needs to be discussed in more detail.

What should I do if my contact information changes?
To update your shopper profile, please visit our Sassie site www.sassieshop.com/2serviceimpressions. Once you log in, you can then select "My Profile" and update any information. Keep in mind that your Pay Pal payment is sent to the email address we have on file. So, if your email address changes and you update it on Sassie, you should update that information on your Pay Pal account as well.

What should I do if I never signed an Independent Contractors Agreement?
Our Independent Contractors Agreement must be completed online. Please click here to review and accept the terms of this agreement.

If I am working for Service Impressions, can I work for anyone else?
Many of our shoppers do mystery shopping part-time while having other jobs (including working for other mystery shopping companies). You may not accept a mystery shopping assignment for one of our clients if you or a family member are currently working or have previously worked for them.

How secure is my personal information?
Our web site is secure. In addition, we do not share your personal information with anyone outside of our company. Your User ID and Password prevent other people from accessing your information. You may change your Password as often as you like. It is important that you protect your information by not sharing your ID or Password with anyone else.